The very first thing which you notice in any person is his/ her face and it plays a vital role in build up a foundation of your personality in somewhere unconscious mind.  And while talking about men skin, facial pores are one of the major problem areas either you would see them struggling with their hyperactive pores secreting lot of oil, enlarged facial pores or stubborn dead patches.  As per dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia–there is no such terms like open pores in medical language. As we all have millions of pore over our skin and they are evidently open.

Pores are actually the pathway for the natural oils to reach over the surface of skin.   There are sebaceous gland at the bottom of Facial pores also known as oil gland, that makes sebum to keep skin moisturized and protected naturally. Once produced these oils travel through these pores and reach to the surface, to keep it supple. However these opening do get much visible or enlarged and then in common terms we call it as open pores. There are various reasons for enlargement of pores and one such is accumulation of dirt and debris.

The best way to prevent from all these problems is to keep your skin and  facial pores clean. Here are some essential steps and things you must know about reducing pores sizes- also read skincare essentials

Don’t Over-wash

Don’t over-wash your skin, as per experts washing your face more then twice a day, makes your skin thinks there is too little oil to provide nourishment. Eventually making the glands overproduce sebum turning you greasier and your pores look even enlarged.

Use Salicylic Acid Cleansers

The second part comes for choosing the right cleanser for your skin. Always look salicylic acid based cleansers that helps regulate oil production and clean your facial pores.

Deep Cleansing

This one gonna be lil’ confusion as I would sound, 2-3 times a week deep cleansing followed with scrubbing can be game changer but  don’t over exfoliate. As aggressive scrubbing, chances are your face will go dry and inflamed. This again lead to signaling your glands to secrete more protective sebum making your facial pores  clogged with inflammatory by-products. You can even look for sonic facial cleansing brushes readili available online and drug stores.

Soak Up Your Oil

Hit your nearest drug store for face masks that are oil absorbent in nature and has plenty of minerals. Look for clay based masks or charcoal masks they works great to absorb oils from deep within. If you love homemade remedies opt for egg white face mask that does pretty nice job in shrinking your pores.

Take Your Sauna

Don’t have accessibility hit your kitchen for a face steam, according to experts taking steam once in 2 weeks helps open up facial pores releasing debris out, making your skin much cleaner.


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