What is Skin Care For Men?

 In the quest to be a perfect man with all those long hours at work and countless other responsibilities have made it difficult for you to sneak some time for yourself ? Huh! Believe me you are not alone almost all men are on the same page and even if they somehow manage to steal few hours from their daily routine, I bet they would go and hit a gym or just a jogging.

 So this has been the definition of self care in a dictionary of a man, well now the tradition is changing kudos to diversification of beauty brands that are trying to gulp in the male section of the society, how ever there is a long way to go.  So lets talk about scope, things and suggestions for a simple skin care regime of a man. “Really I do shave, I follow my after save and yup sometime I replace my regular soap with any face wash which is available at my home” so what else are you going to tell me something different. 

But yes, sometimes I feel my skin ageing faster then my age, and I do feel shy as my macho attribute would be hurted if I talk about girly topic- beauty.

Well men do have skin and you do need a proper pampering and care as a women does. Its just the right regime and products that a men should know before hitting a drugstore. So lets talk about what exactly men skin need and what kind product you should go for. First essential step is to know your skin type as piling up any product may irritate skin which you would not even know and washing with a harsh face wash or soap may strip off your natural oil and may parch your skin.

Companies do market that men skin need a different face wash and creams them women but technically their formulations are too heavy for your skin its just their marketing trap and usually male get caught, so awareness is important.

So What Do I Need ?

First and foremost you do need a Face wash, an Exfoliator and a Moisturizer for your skin type. Do check for determining your skin type as its same for both men & women. Know men skin type and once you are decided go ahead as follows and the regime to be followed is cleansing exfoliating and then moisturizing.


It means these men don’t have any regular pimple/acne issue, your skin is normally oiled. You can choose face washes or cleansers from any brand for normal skin. Dude you are blessed, so no much brainy stuff for hunting a right product for you but then here are curated stuff. Typical skincare for men skin that’s normal:- 

  • Recommended Face Wash: Loreal men expert hydra energetic cleansing gel or Oriflame North for men, Body shop cleansers, VLCC men active, Ponds men energy charge.
  • Recommended Moisturizer: You need a normal moisturizers not too heavy not too light like- L’oreal Men Expert hydra energetic moisturizer. You can also go with Kama Ayurveda, Nivea or Kaya Skin clinic moisturizers.
  • Recommended Exfoliator: You need exfoliator twice a week even once will do its job.


These type of men skin is scaly, dry feels tight after wash. Look for the milk based or gel based soft cleansers. Try to avoid harsh chemical that have drying or dehydrating effect on skin. Insted skincare for men with dry skin should have products having hyaluronic acid or hemocelent in it. 

  • Recommended Face Wash: Face wash from Cetaphil or The Body Shop’s men maca root wash and Face wash from Kaya Skin Care are really good one as they can work perfect for men skin with dry features, as it will not strip off oil and at the same time will remove dirt.
  • Recommended Moisturiser: Cetaphil moisturizing lotion. You have to look for heavy duty moisturisers and apply it during night time. Kama Ayurveda can also be really good for your job, However, as per beauty Guru’s you should initially opt for a serum that restores deep within and then follow it with a moisturizer.
  • Recommended Exfoliator:  As your skin is already thirsty you can opt for organic exfoliators or even use home based moisturizing scrubs “sounds girlyyy” eww but then this will help you save from harsh chemicals as however gentle they claim they have chemicals – so better go for gram flour mixed with curd or milk with a dash of lemon before your shower, rub in circular motion and tada’ you are done, nobody gets to know. You can exfoliate the skin once a week. The other option is  organic grinded moong daal available in market by Omved or Just herb, order it and use as scrub with rosewater or milk.


It is very common within males after puberty as there is lot of speedy changes going on with men & women hormones, though genetics, also plays a major role. So usually men skin tend to be oily seems shiny all the time, you sweat a lot and pores are visible too.So here we go with the products that must be included in skincare of men with oily dermis.

  • Recommended Face Wash: You need to see a formulation that has salicylic acid or glycolic acid or  AHA/ BHA, These types of face washes gently exfoliates and unclogs your pores and regulate sebum production.Face wash from Sebamed is really good for oily skin, However other options are -Ponds Men Oil Control Face wash, Garnier Acno fight or any other which has above mentioned ingredient.
  • Recommended Moisturiser:  Go for proactive moisturiser like Neutrogena men, Ponds men oil control moisturiser etc. Always look for gel based moisturisers like from Clarins or hydrating emulsions but not for heavy creams. You can also go for moisturising essence or serums as well from Body Shop, Kheils, Clarins or sheshido. Always remember men skin do need a good moisturiser and skiping on this part may make to pay. 
  • Recommended Exfoliator:  You do need to exfoliate your skin atleast thrice in a week with a good scrub. Again it should have above mentioned ingredients that are present in your face wash. However if you using face wash by Sebamed you can opt for exfoliator once in 2 weeks as it does the same job.



A combination skin means your T-Zone is different from your U-Zone so may be around the nose or cheeks its oily and normal every where else or vice versa.So typical selection of combination men skin would be-

  • Recommended Face Wash: You can go for Face wash from Kiehl’s, Olay or Body shop.
  • Recommended Moisturizer:  As your skin has been confusing you have to play with the mix of moisturizers. Better go for light serums at your oily area and normal moisturisers at your dry or normal zones.
  • Recommended Exfoliator: Dude again you need to exfoliate your oily zone regularly twice or thrice a week and treat other part as suggested above according to skin type.


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