One Of The Most Powerful Social Issue Video that will make you stops and think Carries a Strong Message That Can’t Be Ignored! 

Cinema is the most impactful medium of communication that can bring gigantic changes in societies thinking process, behavior,  preferences and is great for inculcating education on sensitive social issues. And here we have one such strong short movie, that will hit you hard with the reality of Organ Harvesting as a endemic social issue. It’s must watch and share to your loved one’s. It even concentrates on the dark sides of a long distance relationship, that is never meant to be ignored and can could be the threshold or caused for tons of social issues. 

Organ harvesting  is an igniting truth of developing countries, smuggling vital organs from under developed and developing countries  to the developed countries has been in news and forums at WHO and other international committees. But we try to subside and sneak out on shading light on Organ traffickers of our own countries. We have influence leading handful of personalities  commuting hell lot of unethical business under the shades and were easily escape with flying colors even caught. Now is the time when we really need to be educated and aware against the scenario. A specific vigilance action team by the government s is the call of time to knock these anarchists down- culprits involved in social issue like human organ trafficking.

And here’s one such incredible initiative by Kaushal Mishra under his creative banner- Third Bell Films, which is a must watch to be aware and educate your loved ones against it. A must watch worth your time.

Source :- Youtube , Credit- Third Bell Films


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