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Sonam Wangchuk- Meet the real life Phunsukh Wangdu of 3 idiots.

He is an Engineer- turned- Educationist and a Scientist, who is solving water problems in cold deserts of Ladakh.  With his path -breaking idea : freeze millions of liters of water into ‘ICE- STUPA’. He is postponing the danger of Glacial retreat in Sikkim and has been invited in Switzerland to arrest Ice-cap melting.

The Engineer Of Artificial Glaciers, left engineering after he realized- India is not in need of another mechanical engineer but a good Educator (teacher / instructor) . 

motivation, story, inspiring
Ice Stupa’s of Sonam Wangchuk

Wangchuk- who has seriously worked towards improving the Educational System of Ladakh. Has invented an alternative learning practice with innovative practices for students- in Phey, named SECMOL (Students Educational & Cultural Movement Of Ladakh).

Sonam Wangchuk-

“the admission criteria into SECMOL requires you to be failed into class, and the passed students are kept into waiting list”.

He adds, that there can’t be a problem into children there must be some issues with the Education System, so we have derived a practical learning method into SECMOL. The students are involved into real life learning through fun based activities, where they learn trivial complex principals, theories and management with practical application.

Discussing about his recent discovery of  ICE-STUPA’s concept, which has made him bang the ROLEX Award, he says-

Sonam Wangchuk won Rolex Award

” Man Made Solution For Man Made Problem”

Explaining his pragmatic approach towards solving the lethal issue of melting ice- caps, he says he has applied a simple science principal to refreeze the melted gush of water into artificial ice towers- which he calls it as ICE STUPA’S. These man-made Stupa’s store water in the form of ice during winters and provides a source of irrigation to common people during summers.

He becomes the only 2nd Indian to win the prestigious Rolex Award for his Enterprise.

He is the man who has researched and validated the solution for colossal problem of melting glaciers of the world. Wangchuk’s idea which has the potential of being the next billion dollar startup has emerged as a biggest hope for postponing the threat. However, Wangchuk is not interested in the monetary potential of the idea, but in the dual solution it offers to the dry mountain regions of Ladakh and the world.

Sonam Wangchuk has been invited with his team to solve a danger of melting glacier in Sikkim by the Sikkim Government. The increasing size of Lake Shako Cho at the snout of Jemu Glacier in Lachen, is at a high risk of outburst due recent climate changes.
Wangchuk has planned to apply the same principal at a large scale and freeze the water flowing from glacial retreat, around the foot hills of Himalaya. His idea is to make a series of ice-stupas – in turn joining them together to form another series of man made mountain.

To watch him stating his own astonishing story- is incredible- here the link! I am sure you will have goose bumps before the end. 

His world wide acclaimed innovations, initiatives and dedication, has made him a real life Hero- a role model.


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