I received INATUR Charcoal FaceWash and Face Mask For Men, to review and usage trial. The men in my entire team got really excited as we generally receive female skincare and beauty  products, and this was among very few moments when the men get to try, judge, provide us review and be in a commanding position to shape a product review.

So we received a total of four products from  the  brand – Inatur Face Mask for Men – Charcoal, Inatur Charcoal Facewash For Men, Body Butter – Argan  and Detan 3 in 1- Removes Tanning & Pigmentation & Hydrates skin

Those of you who are avid followers of our blog, know that we don’t publish fake reviews even in our sponsored category and so expect the same with this  indie grown brand- INATUR. We at cosmotales believe in supporting,  nurturing and promoting the new upcoming brand, specifically the Indian  brand which are formulated naturally and follow chemical-free ethics as core value.

And so is INATUR that is formulated on the core value of Ayurveda and Aromatherapy.  The brand is GMP Certified, Vegan, PETA Certified for being cruelty free, and is Made In India. 

With so many goodies in hand,  let’s get started with the product review and explore the men’s range more.

What Inatur Charcoal Facewash For Men Claims –

It claims to detox and clarify the skin. The product says- Charcoal Face wash helps to eliminate impurities and damage caused due to pollution giving a clearer and even skin tone.


Aqua, sodium cocoamphoacetate, Glycerin, Lauryl glucoside,  sodium cocoyl glutamate, sodium lauryl glucose car-boxylate, Decyl glucoside, Apple extract, Lemon Oil, Activated charcoal powder, Gingeroil, dm hydrantoin.


So the facewash retails for INR 500 for 200 ml. Currently they  are offering 30% off and you  can purchase it for INR 385 online from their website.

Face Wash Packaging & Appearance

So to be honest, actually we didn’t like the outer packaging much in fact we did a survey for the same and the results were unanimous for the outer packaging. It appears dull and unattractive, contrary to other brands in the same range.

Chances are a normal customer will give it a pass if s/he sees it on the retail shelf. But irrespective of outer packaging the inside bottle is much appealing, compact, sturdy and the pump feature makes it appear much classy. So we personally  think  that the inside bottle stands out and will  attract more goes  without the carton box.

My Experience 

The smell is so citrusy and feels amazingly fresh pouring on the palm. The color as you see is charcoal black and the  texture is as usual face washes runny. The face wash does make the face squeaky clean and feels good after washing.

The wash can be used from oily  to normal all skin types even dry skin men would love it as it does not dry out or makes skin stretchy. However, too dry men should be at bay as they would need something more nourishing and cream or gel based cleansers. All men at our office tried the facewash and kinda loved it as it did a decent job in what it claims.  

 Face Mask

The mask comes in sturdy tub packaging which is good for a mask as it becomes  easy to apply. The texture and color is decent  and black as you  can see in  the picture.

There is no list of ingredients mentioned on the pack apart from the list of active herbs that say the charcoal mask is infused with charcoal powder, seaweed,Ginger Oil, Lemon Oil and apple extracts.


So the face mask retails for INR  450 for 125 gms of product.

My Experience-

The mask is clean as any mud based face mask, it just doesn’t make the skin  too stretchy as kaolin or Indian clay based masks do. Apart from that we didn’t see any outstanding elements in it, it’s as good as any other in the same category.  I wont say I have high aspirations apart from removing the dirt and superficial oil from the skin.

But yes if you want to encapsulate any chemical free, preservative free face mask within your skincare range this could be a good product to  grab on.

With this i am signing off and do write to me in the comment box below if you also tried and have something to add on  or your experience is different from mine.

Xoxo my lovely beauties & handsome hunks.

See you next time.


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