1.) You're running in a race. You're almost at the finish line when you pass the competitor in second place. What place are you now at?

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If you cross the runner at second you will be at second position.

2.) Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain on Earth?

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Mt. Everest exists even before its discovery.

3.) There are 13 apples in a barrel. If you take away 5, how many do you have?

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You took 5 apples, so you have 5 with you.

4.) How well do you know Indian order of precedence or presidential line of succession? If the vice president were to die who is supposed to be president?

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President will remain at his designation, as vice-president is unwell not President.

5.) Imagine you're in a pitch dark room with no electricity and you only have one match. In front of you is a candle, a gas lamp, and a fireplace. What do you light first ?

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If you match stick you will light it first to light any of other things.

6.) A rooster lays an egg on the roof of the hen house. The roof has a 45-degree slant. In what direction does the egg roll?

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A rooster never lays egg, as he is male bird.

7.) You leave home and make one right turn, then three left turns and then return home. Waiting for you there are 2 people in masks. Who are they?

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It's the umpire and the catcher.

8.) Its high noon in the desert and there are two camels sitting still: one is facing east and the other is facing west. How do the camels see each other with no reflective surface and without turning their heads or bodies around?

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The camels are sitting infront of each other, one facing east and the other facing west.

9.) A family of women are buying movie tickets. These are 4 mothers, 2 grandmothers, and 4 daughters. What is the minimum amount of tickets they can possibly buy?

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This requires at least 6 members.

10.) A guilty prisoner who is sentenced to the death penalty is told that they have one last chance to say something to get out of jail. If they say something true, they'll be shot and if they say something false, they'll be hanged? What do they say?

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