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1# Who is taller ?

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Kriti Sanon Height- 1.69 m & Shraddha Kapoor Height- 1.68 m.

2# Who is taller ?

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Ranveer Singh Height- 1.78 m & Ranbir Kapoor Height- 1.83 m

3# Who is taller ?

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Kareena Kapoor Height- 1.65 m & Priyanka Chopra Height- 1.69 m

4# Who is taller ?

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Taapsee Pannu Height- 1.71 m & Jacqueline Fernandez Height- 1.7 m

5# Who is taller ?

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Deepika Padukone Height- 1.74 m & Anushka Sharma Height- 1.75 m

6# Who is taller ?

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Siddharth Malhotra Height- 1.8m & Arunoday Singh Height- 1.93 m

7# Who is taller ?

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Urvashi Rautel Height- 1.73m & Katrina Kaif Height- 1.74

8# Who is taller ?

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Kiara Advani Height- 1.57m & Alia Bhatt Height- 1.6

9# Who is taller ?

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Parineeti Chopra height-1.67m & Tamanna Bhatia height- 1.68m

10# Who is taller?

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Salman Khan height- 1.74m & Shahrukh Khan height- 1.69m

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