Body Shaming- Are We Really Ready To Accept Our Fault

I am not you, you are not me: embrace yourself

Media around us is flooded with news and views criticizing people involved in body shaming after actress- Tannishtha Chatterjee chooses to walk out of the prime-time comedy roast show-“Comedy Nights Bachao” and we saw actors, director, and actresses coming in support and slapping their critical views over social media.

And this is not the first time, a month ago we witnessed a much gross event when a female playboy model in Los Angeles, took a compromising photo of another woman in the gym and shared it over social media with her own laughing selfie.  People came in against this disrespectful act and again the media went oomph with criticizing comments.

Not long enough the fame wall roadies host & fitness enthusiast-VJ Bani was shamed with comments and views on social networks calling her manly for her athletic and masculine body. For which she slams with much courage on her twitter handle and Instagram.

'Lifting weights will make you look manly'I 'You're not a girly girl if you lift weights' 'I don't lift weights because I just want to 'tone up'' 'Girls should only do cardio, lifting is for guys' 'So what steroids are you on' 'That's way too much muscle.. For a woman' _____________________________________________ All of the above and so much more. I've heard it all. And not once because I actually cared enough to ask, 'hey, what do *you* think of *my* body?'. I never entered the gym because of what people said I 'should/ ought to/ must' look like. I went in there to get strong, to be active, to be healthy, to sweat = to feel better, and more ME. ____________________________________________ I can't remember the last time the thought of 'will this be attractive to so and so' crossed my mind in relation to myself – let alone to me lifting weight. It doesn't happen. I love me so much and that's all that matters, I am so happy (blame all the endorphins) doing what I do day in and out that all else is tuned out. This is something I've gotten better at accepting and allowing day by day. That's why you will always hear people say 'it's not just physical, it's so much more MENTAL' because to get to where you want to go, you have to look within and really be true to yourself and know that yes, this is what I'm about. This is what matters, this puts me in alignment and makes me a more joyful happy productive being. And guess what? You'll end up inspiring and encouraging and being that source for other people along the path too. I don't go around telling people they should eat healthier or lift or try to lose weight, you do you. I'll do me. If someone asks for help I will always do what I can, I recognise the quest – but you need to recognise whether the desire really is there in you or not. Why else do you think we don't see more people walking around with their Tupperware containers looking hench af? Because, if your hearts not in it, no matter how much you try – you'll never get there. Cold hard honest truth. Just like cold hard iron, work and discipline. Just wanted to share that with y'all fam. Do you 🙌🏽💛 #doyou #everyday #womenwholift #loa

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Body shaming- it’s an act of criticizing anyone based on his/her looks, body shape, skin tone or appearance through laughable jokes, comments or gestures. And it can be experienced all around us in our near society and at a bigger level. Look for the pretty faces all over advertisements, whitening creams claiming to lighten your skin tone within weeks or products granting to shed off body weight, along with products making you gain weight. What is all about? Are we so much insecure to be accepted by our own society, the way we are? Cant we boast and feel proud of what we actually are, do we really have to sacrifice change and involve in constant efforts to impress others so that to be bared off from being an object of body shaming.

Tannishtha Chatterjee- the ‘parched’ lead was in the comedy show for the promotion of her upcoming movie when she was roasted for her skin color and left instantly. In support of the act, Radhika Apte said to PTI-  “I think jokes on color or body shaming shouldn’t be made. It’s not funny to crack such jokes. Do you crack a joke on fair skin (people)? No right? So don’t do it (joke on dark skin people). There has to be a limit”.

Though we talk and blabber a lot about the act and cats but don’t we accept that this gigantic taboo has is roots spread from the very root of the society. I had been a part of Indian Society, where a girl is said to play with dolls and toys, not with cars and bikes. She is advised to be calm and remains in the shed so that she may not get tanned else who will marry her. She is again pinpointed not to overeat else will be fat and it would be deadly tough to get her married. This is what the elders reaction and suggestion that starts from the very tender age for children, and seeking this and formulating this in mind the counterpart brother, sister, and friends- starts bullying for the weight, skin-tone and appearance.

Have we ever thought to work for this at our families, neighbor, and society? People with love or comment christened with various nicknames for their appearance which subtly takes place somewhere in the mindset pulling them behind. What is this- isn’t our families are supposed to be our first shield against the open world, is it not the responsibility to love and accept how one is, and make them boast with proud. I had few example along with me including me when the victim starts to cut off, fear to speak in group worrying about her unacceptable, becomes jealous and secretly tries out everything in the world to improve her looks. One of the report of Times Of India says- it’s not just the women are scrolled but even men are evidently victimized by body shaming.

Who is the real victim? I wonder.  We salute to ones who have faced with much courage and ashamed those who really need to be smashed for their thoughts. The hosts of comedy roast show felt low and justifying their acts after the actress left and people droll for her support. The women in Los Angeles, who took the bravest step against the Playboy model and walked the gym full naked boasting her body. Or be it VJ Bani- who shut the morons on her Instagram.

After the education is spreading its arms across the nation and we widening our intellect horizons are we really ready to accept the fact of not judging people based on their looks. An established banker turned blogger – Archana Kapoor says she has been a victim of judgmental society based on looks.

We accept India as a multi-cultural tolerant nation but are we really working towards our own improvement and mindset. Do we really want to to give this insecure environment to our next generation or we will let our others subtly inculcate body shaming within our own children.

It’s a high time we need to think and act… think yourself… A work at the individual level will contribute and matters a lot.



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