A rumour took lives of people, who were actually rescuing Rain under a overbridge at Elphinstone Road. Mumbai Stampede has once again shown face of BMC trustworthiness. 

Morning of 28th September 2017, was totally not one of the best mornings for the Mumbaikars as they faced a tragic hiatus from a normal weekday life. 

22 people lost their lives and 35 others were injured after a stampede broke out on a crowded pedestrian bridge connecting two stations in Mumbai, one of the worst tragedies to hit the city’s brimming local train network.

It was unclear what caused Mumbai stampede, as per official and witness accounts-  people may have panicked during the morning rush after believing that the bridge was about to fall.

For those who already know, it might not find the introduction amazingly catchy because the happening was extremely cataclysmic and it doesn’t deserve that kind of a cold reaction.

mumbai stampede

But such happenings are often smoked up on the roadsides while sipping the cutting chai after every dense pass out. Because this is what mumbai is about, extravagant life and lots of people.

But this is not the best time to say, ‘ Aissaih hai re mumbai’ because the Haitus was not just another act, it was about life.

The locals believed the rains for this year were done being the pain in the asses, until it poured on Thursday Morning, the crowd eventually snugged into the foot overbridge.

And it was just another overcrowded overbridge until a rumor crashed, “The bridge is breaking” This caused a terrible stampede, that ended up killing 21 Adults and 1 child, and injured about 39 people.

source- NDTV

A National Disaster Responsive Force team reached the sight of this mishap.

“A large number of people had gathered on the foot over-bridge because of heavy rain. When the rain stopped, people started stepping out, and a pedestrian is believed to have slipped, which resulted in a chaos. There is no valid information as such about the situation and an investigation is underway. The Railway Ministry has given the order for a thorough inspection to figure out the cause of this stampede,” said, Anil Saxena, Western Railway PRO.

But this is not just it, it is the story of Mumbai now, thousands of lives ended in a year just for similar accidents. And are forgotten the way I forgot the Capital M’s in Mumbai. You don’t even notice them until they are pointed out.

But can we for once and for all see human being around being killed, rather than 8 Hindus and 4 Muslims, because this is what is all matters at the end of every logical demand? It turns into a scene chucking DEBATE.

Can a safe life be demanded from this economical capital? And maybe not just it, but way ahead and way wider.


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