Varanasi – the PM’s constituency is expecting Modi on 22nd Sep, 2017.  And believe me i was shocked with changes i had seen in a span of 3 days.  

Narendra Modi Is On Visit To Varanasi and it’s hilarious to watch things covered and polished to make it presentable and worthy by authorities. 

I was a firm believer into the government intentions and plan when i casted my vote in favor of BJP in 2014. But i somehow now affirms with the saying of Sunil Anantpuri, who replied to a tweet of  and says-   & is challenging every voter who had voted for . I would say they’re the victims of their own mammoth folly.

Last year, I have shifted to my hometown- Varanasi and have never noticed any major upliftment in the situation of the city. The road gets blocked after 1 days of rain, sewer- can often be spotted open.  

varanasi city Bulls and cows are a trademark on Kashi roads and i use to curse municipality every single day at 10 am while rushing to office. And the bull fight or just a cow sitting on road  has a potential to block traffic for almost 1 hour. 

 Narendra Modi Is On Visit To Varanasi –

But i wonder what had happened to authorities, why they seem to be certainly moved by the situation. On 20th as always i started from my house and saw hundreds of police blocking one side of traffic in peak hours to leverage workers spread a new sheet of dammer over uncleaned, dirty road that will stay in place for a week.  

Tada’ Kudo’s to the effort,  while returning home i saw super finish black pitch road built but then i realized the garbage, mud and water on road was moved to either sides. As travelling within the spheres of security and in a high speed car it would be hardly noticed that the road is temporarily and recently built.

narendra modi, varanasiThe story does’t end up here nature took a troll on the hurry burry administration, and it rained heavily on 20th night making the stage and tent area super marshy almost pathetic to work and prepare level.  No issue they have all to cover up and show only glossy face and so you name it and they have it. It follow’s tractors in que  with  sand and stone, followed by water tankers to clean the road that was built a day before and have sullied with the effort.

Anyways 21st of September, came and the graduation of work speed up and this time we have more, we have  new toilets made on road in colony (i don’t know why), to popularize PM Sauchalaya Nirman Yojna- as i cant see any purpose of building toilets  within 100 meter of distance in a posh colony beside stadium but everything justifies as Narendra Modi Is On Visit To Varanasi.

 And yup i have not noticed the cattle’s on road from last 1 day ( seems Gaurakshak’s Awaked ), i once counted 65( bull plus cow on road) on my way from home to office that’s a 8 kms of stretch. 

cows on varanasi streets
i wonder where have these cows disappeared, who seems to have roads as their property

Now i am amazed does this happens everywhere because media will rush into place, will see only the marketed – decorated area, will forecast the same explaining see the gigantic changes in the city of Banaras.

Now i am just waiting in a hope that the things get real on ground and our hobbling faith have some lit before it diminishes to darkness. 

Lets wait and watch what happens after – Narendra Modi Is On Visit To Varanasi, heading is off the flashes and timelines.  Share your comments below.




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