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Upcoming Gujarat Elections have seeded the ground of political war game across platforms. Apart from on-site rallies, seminars and hosting there is another larger than life clash going between the two leading political parties of India-  NDA & Congress on social media.

Dynamic, responsive and wider reachability of social platforms has made them a major deciding factor of future.  Hot stories, trending trolls, viral memes makeup minds of new age generation and you can easily predict whats next. 

After fuming millions of trending trolls, memes, and retweets over his Pidi Tweet. He is again caught with puzzling with facts and numbers. Thi number game has again pulled him into the limelight and twitter seem nowhere resting on this. 


Social media has unleashed many avenues but as it is said there is always a dark side of technology. Any mistaken words or gestures is recorded and will come to haunt you later. This seems pretty evident in case of Rahul Gandhi.

And believe me, this tweet has given a life to our trolls and comic hunger, here a look at the trending trolls and viral threads- 

All we can say is it’s you who have given a ground man. Tell us what you have to say on this. 


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