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Gauri Lankesh senior editor of Gauri ‘Lankesh Patrike,’ a Kannada tabloid, and was seen as a spunk, independent and critical journalist. 

Gauri Lankesh, senior Journalist & Activist ,55, was  shot dead dead by unidentified assassin at the entrance of  her house. She was brutally murdered outside her own home at Rajrajeshwari Nagar, Bengaluru on Tuesday evening. 

 She had just stepped out of her car and opened gates of her house, when an unidentified man fired seven bullets at her. Three-bullets hit her out of which one in forehead and two other in her chest. Out of seven bullets fired on her, four missed the target and found stuck in the wall of her house.- said Bengaluru Police Commissioner T Suneel Kumar, according to IANS.

Police have recovered four cartridges from the murder spot. And her body has been transfered to Victoria Hospital for postmortem. 

During investigation, the initial report says, the 55 year old Journalist, lives alone and after the gun sound, neighbors came out of their flats thinking it to be firecrackers, and to find Ms Gauri Lankesh lying in pool of blood.  The neighbors explains “she usually returns late from her work as she is a Journalist, and today she returned earlier then other days “

This feeds that either the assailants were following Ms. Lankesh on her way back home or were waiting in the neighborhood for her arrival” police said. 

The assailants were either following Lankesh on her way back home from work or were waiting in the neighborhood for her arrival, police said.According to Manohar- a watchman of the apartment opposite her house stated- “I just sat down for dinner when I heard the firecracker type of sounds. When I came out, there were people in all the balconies and the gate was lying open with a car waiting to enter. There was no one else around,’’. 

Supporters of the journalist, who was known for a strident opposition to Right wing forces, drew parallels between the killing of Gauri Lankesh and the 2015 murder of rationalist and writer M M Kalburgi.

Other neighbors claims to have seen 2 men riding several times on a bike on lonely streets of Ideal Homes Colony in Rajrajeshwari Nagar during day. 

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said 3 police teams have been formed to investigate the murder case of Gauri Lankesh and that the culprits must be caught. “I have spoken to the police commissioner and the Director General of Police” said Mr Siddaramaiah this evening.

Police started investigation and aims to get some feed from the CCTV footage outside  the journalist home. Even the clues from neighbors and other relateives would clue on the identities of killers. 

She has been constantly threatened personally and publicly. Her social media profiles is full of threats from right wing forces whom she criticized throughout her life. Accompanied with Komu Soharda Vedike, Ms. Lankesh – spearheaded efforts to bring Naxalites into the mainstream of society and was antagonistic to Hindutva forces including RSS. 

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