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India launched its first bullet train but twitter seems agitated in turn trolled

India First Bullet Train Launched On Thursday; But Twitter Seems Not Impressed & Remains Agitated. Why?

The strengthening India-Japan ties gets a boost with the Launch Of India First Bullet Train; that runs at 350 km/hr top speed and will connect Ahmadabad to Mumbai through 7 Km tunnel under sea.

Is Indian Ready To Shift From Tottering Traditional Railways To Multi Dollar High Speed Bullet Trains?

The forecasted project cost of this high speed bullet train is Rs 1.08 lakh crore, out of which Japan is providing a loan of 88,000 crore at a minimal interest of 0.01% after 50 years. And the best part is, its repayment will start only after 15 years. India First Bullet Train has become a trending hot topic in media and enjoying its limelight, since the laying of foundation stone by Narendra Modi on the visit of  his Japanese Counterpart Shinzo Abe . Every publication is reporting about the goodies of this multi dollar bullet trains, people are advocating eliminating poverty with the introduction of cutting edge poverty. 

After all the pomp-show of advancement, the question remains same have we invested and worked on strengthening our roots- Education System (India’s future) & Agriculture (Primary sector).

On the occasion #Narendra Modi reminded of his New & Shining India dream- “This is a step towards new India and the fight of its dream is endless”. He added- “The bullet train project will bring speed and employment. It is human-friendly and eco-friendly.” But sadly Twitter is not aligned with his idea of New India, here’s a long list of  hilarious troll faced by India First Bullet Train Project- 

The question remains same and the agitation seems genuine with these scenario:-

deteriorating health condition of population, hobbling agricultural system, ever increasing malnutrition and death among children due to unavailability of medical facility, traditional education system that has become a cake for reaping money with symbiotic relationships, money laundering and the list goes on. 

Are we ready to invest this huge in bringing new technology and seeding their investment to reap them profit ? And ignoring our situation.

Image Source- TOI, Bullet Train Features
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Gandhinagar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi with his Japanese PM, Shinzo Abe during their visit to an exhibition at Mahatma Mandir, in Gandhinagar



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