Tamil Nadu girl who fought against NEET commits suicide

 Anitha suicide comes nine days after the Supreme Court directed Tamil Nadu to follow NEET for admissions into medical courses and finish the counselling process by 4th of September.

The Dalit girl- S. Anita, who moved to Supreme Court seeking an exemption from NEET for students who have studied under Tamil Nadu own Education  Board.  

The 19 year old topper- who scored 1,176 out of 1200,  hanged herself for not getting admission into a medical college- reported Police, citing her family. 

However, the topper of state board fails to secure high marks under centralized NEET medical exams to secure a medical seat. And committed suicide,- says relatives.

Initially Center had supported the move of seeking an exemption from NEET for a year but later withdraw stating it as a “bad in law”. 

As per State’s Education Department evaluation, S. Anita has scored 199.75 out of 200 for engineering entrance and 196.75 for medicine entrance, which would have ensured her seat in any stream without NEET.  Discussing on her NEET scores, her family states-  she had scored only 86 percent marks in NEET devolving her from the opportunity of any medical seat.

Her Father, T Shanmugham  said she had already rejected offers from Madras Institute Of Technology for the course of Aeronautical Engineering, seeking to pursue her dream of becoming a DOCTOR. 

It is sad when young bright students had to end their in a depressed mindset, they must be provided with counselling sessions. Hailing from a village- in  Ariyalur district, S. Anita was a daughter of daily wage labourer. The  Officers at the Ariyalur SP’s office said Anitha was found hanging at her home in Sendurai near Ariyalur town. They said that her body was shifted to Ariyalur government hospital in the evening for post mortem.

Tamil Nadu girl who fought against NEET commits suicide

Following the suicide, started a colossal buzz criticizing the government outlook.  Not only this the govt. have got cold feets for nor intervening in the matter as it’s a call of  Hartal in Perambalur Ariyalur districts. Left parties to organise road blocks in Chennai. student groups to protest across TN




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