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“What’s the time you return to your Hostel?” I asked .

“Huhh! It’s not a girl’s hostel di, we can return whenever we want to.” This junior of my replied in a respectful scoff (Yes, thanks for noticing the Oxymoron.) .

But his words were not disrespectful, I could have easily denigrate one who makes Sexist statements, but this was not a sexist statement. It was the rough fact of Banaras. The mighty Banaras Hindu University (BHU), the Almighty’s favorite Banaras.

 And yesterday I came across a similar incidence. 6:20pm, Eve of the first day of Navratri, a second year BFA student got harassed on the streets of BHU (Banaras Hindu University) a group of 3 men. They even tried to put their hands under her kurta.  She screamed, it must have been tough for her but she screamed. 

 A Student


bhu, women, varanasi, modi
students protesting against eve-teasing in BHU

Nobody came. Bumptiously, the incident happened by the Proctor office, where the cops were resting along their pot bellies. Nobody came.

So her friends came back to report tge incidence to the same place. And, the report WAS NOT FILED.

Humurously, the cop said and I quote, “Pehle khud molest hone jati hai, fir aajati hai complaint karane.”


Because she was supposed to be at her hostel by 6pm. And she is already late. And this is not it, even the warden was NOT ready for support the girl.

We demand that the Vice Chancellor meets us and listen to our demands. The problem is that no one wants to listen to our concerns.

                                                                                         —– A Protesting BHU Student 

Because not being back to hostel by time, gives a green card to be molested.

I must say this is the whole new level of SANSKARI now.

But this Fiasco happened right whrn the rest of the city was buisy painting itself for the welcome of his highness The Prime Minister of India to his constituency.

Next morning, the students, of BHU were on streets. Questioning the ironic happening. For a girl being  molested on inside an institutional area, while the worshipers of Durga were ill trating the same girl.

But again, nobody was speaking. It was an utter silence. Even from the mikes of VC of BHU.

I still don’t know who’s the real culprit, so rather than applying some logic , I would rest here with my pot belly. Because this is what the most “Decent” job is here to do.

PM Modi’s convoy is expected to go through the BHU’s main gate – the path that students have blocked and protesting. The prime minister is on a two-day visit to Varanasi, starting Friday. Here are few rage and concerns of students on Twitter- 



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