marital rape, rape, sex, indian law, law, women in india, women rape
marital rape: why it is legal in india

What is it about Rape that can be justified?  No honestly one good logical thing, that doesn’t vomit stupidity could be respected. Because there is a massive debate about the subject of “Marital Rape” and a major group is denying its existence.

So rather than using futile jargons, we should be honestly deliver the opinions about rape, and the verdict . Being the creation of 90’s I have inhaled the Bollywood logic, for rapes is the concern for a woman losing her virginity before marriage, also termed as ruining a girl. It is perfect if she gets married, and it’s perfect if her rapist takes her as a wife.

And that is the logic, that most of the people agree and again, most people are not right. Rape means unconsented sex, and a marital certificate doesn’t make it any less tormenting. So marital rape is equally traumatic, its equally depressing, unless the fact, you share your dinner with your rapist.

marital rape, rape, sex, indian law, law, women in india, women rape
marital rape: why it is legal in india a report

Reportedly, 1 out of 10 women in our country has agreed to the point that they have been assaulted by their husbands, and out of the 9 % women who has filed charges on sexual assaults, 94 women were tormented by their husbands.

Marital rape leaves these women seriously shattered, physically and mentally, been hospitalized and banked, but their husbands were not even seen with deliquesce, because that is what wives are for, and this is what the code of conduct of “wifely duty” reads in.

Because, if the women has no virginity to loose and no “Izzat” to maintain. On the other hand, the real “Izzat” stands with the happiness of her husband. The equation is easy, No izzat gone, no rape, Duh!

marital rape, rape, sex, indian law, law, women in india, women rape
source CNN report

The mob mentality, maybe the verdict of Delhi High Court.

The court mentioned, Indian should stop blindly following western ideas. As the integrity of marriages might get disrupt? Well, the integrity of woman’s existence doesn’t count.

This is what the affidavit read,

“The question is what evidences the courts will rely upon in such circumstances as there can be no lasting evidence in case of sexual acts between a man and his wife,

The Delhi HC mentions, the criminalization of of marital rape might cause misuse of  Article 498 A, that is the Dowry law.

I admit the rules are complex and misuse has a major rate in activation already, but isn’t it wrong that the justifications to a woman’s life is just “eh! Not too important” .  And so criminalizing marital rape does not seems to be the part of shining India project or women empowerment slogan of #Narendra Modi. 

marital rape, rape, sex, indian law, law, women in india, women rape
causes stated by prima movers for rape

I don’t really know if my brain has been ruined by the Momos and the chowmeins, but I prefer to be a human, what do you prefer?


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