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cosmotales- Dr. Family Reforested Barren Land, Made an Eco- Village & Lives Medicine Free

How often we all do that?

 Drive along with our buddies for a long trip pass through a farm and talk shitload about how beautiful nature was supposed to be and how people ruined it, totally ignoring the fact you and the blush out of your vehicle is responsible too.

Or maybe be prod of rolling your eyes over the pack of potato chips in order to ditch the fats and plastic and grab a fruit instead, that you just take out of a polybag.

Didn’t happen to you?

Must have, your eyes weren’t just wide enough to notice.

The man I’m about to talk, was just the same,  but obviously with a bigger pupil.

Meet Pravin, or I must say Dr Pravin Chordia

Dr. Pravin Chordia with wife Jayashree

Dr Chordia had his MBBS and MS degrees and a thriving 22 years of practice, a trunk full of lives saved couldn’t content him. Attending patients on daily basis keeps nagging him from inside, made him rethink about the dependency of life on medicine.

As nothing is perfect and not even the science of Allopathy, Dr Pravin discovered that this science wasn’t much of a life saver, but a disease  remover ( also creator of another one).

Which he found ,was like using caps for our feet. A below average shoe that keeps your head naked, BASICALLY!


Dr Pravin Chordia mentions,

“I felt we are getting alienated from nature, which is catastrophic. We cannot sustain our lives if we continue to throng our cities and shun nature. This feeling was reinforced when my son was diagnosed with asthma. I decided to change things,”


So he decided to give up his career.

So, Along with his wife Jayshree, a Psychology graduate, a designer, also a gardening enthusiast ; he decided to settle in 45 kilometers away from Pune, at the barren(then)  lands of Velhe Taluka in Sahyadri Range.

He took 110 acres of deforested barren land, back in  the year 2000.

And started a sustainable lifestyle there, totally depending upon nature.

It began with creating(honesty) their house with bricks of mud. Then they planted (and I’m serious) 2.5 lakh plants of multiple species.

Although, many of them are lost in gazing, The whole family of Dr Pravin Chordia, till date aforested 45 acres of those barren lands with more than 50,000 trees of atleast 10,000 different species.

And its not the end of the great things he created.

His daughter just like him, left a promising career and decided to learn about green technologies, in Tamil Nadu. Chosen International Climate Champion by International British Council, Dipika Chordia Kothare also learned Yoga and naturotherepy.

She and her husband Nikhil joined her parents in extension and advancement of her parent’s creation, better known as “Serene Eco Village” after giving up the leisure of modern world.

Big news is “Serene Eco Village” is par experiment and is now open for visitors.

They are running a school based on the classic Gurukul format around and with oil pressing unit and incense stick manufacturing,they support sveral  families living nearby.

Dr Pravin, now treats people with medicinal plants. Having a win-win situation in both heads.

So this is how much of the possibility is awaiting. So, rather discussing this amazing family, while serving chai to your friends, work like them a bit.

Want to be a part of Natural living or join a 4 days scientifically designed course, click here and see the booking details. 

Or Contact them here!




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